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What is a surprise box? 

Every month, you get a wrapped up package delivered to your front door. The theme for each month changes, but the underlying purpose is always the same: to connect you to nature. A little bundle of wildness wrapped in hand-dyed fabric. Each box has four hand-made products in it, made from wildcrafted ingredients (unless otherwise specified). Every month comes with a little drawing, a recipe card, and some months have little extras like bones, crystals, rocks...  The contents of each month's box is a secret, but it usually contains things like: 

Scented herbal room spray; Herbal lotion (sage, rosemary, bay and mint); Infused honey (jeffrey pine infused honey is divine); Herbal face cream (think rose-infused, age-defying goodness); Infused body oil; Herbal bitters blends; Liqueurs; Infused spirits (spiced rum? Spruce tip vodka?); Hand made scented candle ; Tea blend made from wild gathered plants; Various seasonal tinctures (detox in the spring, cooling in the summer, nourishing in the winter); Salves (sunburn, chapped winter hands); Culinary herb blends; Herbal syrups (have you ever tasted white fir infused syrup?); Oxymel (elderberry oxymel anybody?); Infused oil (Douglas fir infused olive oil makes for delicious lunches)

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