Ocotillo + Wild rose surprise box

Ocotillo + Wild rose surprise box
  • Ocotillo + Wild rose surprise box
  • Ocotillo + Wild rose surprise box
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{{A box of open and wonder}}

There’s a spot about 4000 feet above the desert floor where the last few ocotillo plants stand fast against the colder temperatures, and the wild roses, usually present higher in the mountains, come close to each other. Separated by sagebrush and a scattering of pinions, they shouldn’t technically grow this close to each other, but for some odd reason, right here, they are close enough. I often think about the two of them and the expanse of space between them:

They are two completely different beings: the ocotillo grows on hillsides in the desert, soaking up the sun. Wild roses grow in the mountains, under pine trees, along stream beds. And yet, they compliment each other so beautifully: ocotillo with its expansive, transformative, ability to move fluids; and rose which softens, opens, provides you an outlet for self-expression and transforms fluids. Combined with each other, the effect is incredible: one of deep movement, deep compassion and understanding, but also of transformation. 

Ocotillo is a deep energy mover. It moves energy in the pelvis, in the blood, in the deep, old energy of the body. It dredges it up gently, softly, calmly, bringing it to the surface, moving it through the liver so that it can be processed (in the case of toxins) and through the consciousness so that it can be processed (in case of grief and trauma). 

Wild rose softens our hard places, releasing tension that keeps us prisoner in our own protective shells. In doing this, it releases pent up grief and frustration, and the tension that holds ourselves still, stuck, and unable to express ourselves. We build ourselves such safe traps, to keep ourselves safe, and rose, in its gentle way, teaches us that we are strong enough to let down our guards and let the world in. As a result, we become softer, more open, more able to experience the world around us. 

This is a pairing that opens you to the wonders of the world. That soft, open state, that clearing away of the old crap that holds us in place. Yes, it might bring up some old, deep stuff, but it'll do so gently, and provide the emotional support to deal with it. And what will be left is a sense of wonder and curiosity. A place where you can be touched by the world around you and touch it back. A place where you can create something entirely of yourself to bring into the world. 

This surprise box will be an exploration of ocotillo and wild roses. With ocotillo bark, leaves and flowers, and wild rose leaves, flowers and fruits. I’ll be walking along mountain streams gathering the most fragrant roses then infusing them in oils and spirits to make medicines with them.

My intention is to soften and release that which is trapping you in place, to clear the way to find and nourish a spark of heart-centered creativity. A tall order for one little box, but that’s the seed planted in there.

In this box, you’ll receive four products. There will be a tincture or elixir; a tea, a drinkable thing (tea or such); an external use product, be it a bath (or foot bath), body oil or possibly an incense or atmosphere mist; and a culinary item. Possible ideas so far include:

ocotillo blossom, wild rose and sandalwood body oil
ocotillo, hawthorn and wild rose incense
Wild rose and sandalwood bath salts
Ocotillo, wild rose and hawthorn bath salts
Rose quartz, ocotillo and rose medicine bundle
wild rose, rose quartz and ocotillo blossom heart elixir
ocotillo, wild rose and devil’s club elixir
rose facial elixir
rose, ocotillo blossom and hawthorn berry switchel
Ocotillo blossom, wild rose and hawthorn tea
Rose quartz and ocotillo creative space spray
Heart center elixir: ocotillo, pedicularis, wild rose, hawthorn
Hawthorn, rose, pedicularis and sandalwood bath


All of this will come wrapped in linen with a bi-fold describing the herbs used, with recipes.


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