Summer Hours

Summer Hours
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We try to bend the world to fit our schedules— changing the time (arbitrary marker of the sun’s position in the sky) when the light starts to change; blasting cold air through our environments to keep us cool; lighting the darkness with lights so bright they give us headaches; locking ourselves indoors year-round; covering our skin with reef-killing chemicals so that the sun can be controlled even in how it touches us. As a society we hardly even change our diets— the grocery stores (cool, artificially lit) are piled high with produce from around the world that gives us no indication as to what time of year it is. We could theoretically go all year without ever knowing the time, date or season in our bodies, choosing instead to just know what the clocks tell us.

Fighting nature takes a lot of energy. Our energy, of course, as its an uphill battle, but it drains the world’s resources too. 

In the summer, that uphill battle against nature becomes even stronger: our natural inclination when the weather heats up is to slow down, rest, take it easy, and when I look to other cultures, I see that summer slowness: siestas and streets deserted by midday. People flocking outdoors as the sun goes down, gathering, laughing, slow. Cold drinks, fresh fruits, music carrying in the air. Gatherings. Languid life. 

And yet here, we go to work as usual, expect to get it all done as usual. In fact we have more hours in the day because its light for longer so we can actually get MORE done and be even more productive and better, more useful members of society. And its exhausting. And its going against our natures. And its not remotely fun.  

What if we were to just…




for a minute,

and step outside into the warm sun,

and let the heat seep into your muscles, deep into your bones, 

Into the cells at the center of who we are, 

And let it warm, open, relax us from the inside out,

turning us into creatures of the languid summer who exist on earth time. On our own time. 

Us, and the fireflies; and the bees, drunk on pollen; and the lizards sunning themselves on rocks. Us and the warm air and the music playing on the breeze and the beat of sweat making its way down your body and the ice cold glass perspiring in your hand and the sway of a hammock and the sun warming your belly as you sway in the breeze. 


This is a box of summer ease, cooling your body, and switching your time clock over to summer hours, engaging your senses, and sparking your sensual languid summer-creature self to slow-dance with the creative, transformative fire of the season. 

In this box, you’ll receive four products. There will be a tincture or elixir; a drinkable thing (tea or such); an external use product; and a culinary item. Possible ideas so far include: 

Peach & Rose Switchel
Cherry, rose, peach and evening primrose elixir
Peach leaf liqueur
Peach blossom & cinnamon syrup
Peach & Rose white tea
Peach leaf & rose hydrosol 
Cactus, rose, peach, evening primrose and hibiscus iced tea
Hibiscus rose skin-soothing spray
Cherry bounce (bourbon based cherry liqueur)
Summer hours: an elixir 
Peach leaf and wild rose infused body oil


All of this will come wrapped in linen, with a little bifold and information about the plants used in the box, about the winter, and how to find our roots, and a recipe or two.

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